Policy and Pricing

Common Questions… Answered

Every client we cater to has specific requests that makes their event unique to them. In order to provide special requests, every event organized is priced and quoted individually. After a brief consultation, we can assess your event and decide what type of service and menu you are interested in. Once a menu is decided on, we can then send you an itemized quote for each selection that is based on a per person price point for our services, as well as any necessary staff and/or rentals needed. Keep in mind, our pricing is reflected in the quality of the ingredients we use to prepare the meals, as well as the level of service provided. We pride ourselves on our creativity and attention to detail, which shows in every event curated.

Our pricing is based on a standard, per person price structure. Any food related item is costed out and broken down per person. Culinary Prospect is not responsible for the eating habits of your guests. Please keep this in mind when finalizing your guest count and menu selections.

A finalized guest count is required at least 3 days prior to the day of the event. Once this window closes you may not decrease the final count. However, you may increase your count up to the day before. If your count does increase, it will be added to the bill and presented at the end of the event.


A 18% catering fee will be applied to every invoice. This charge reflects labor and administrative costs such as menu development and costing, working with rental companies, purchasing, loading and unloading of equipment, cleaning before and after, site visits (if needed), as well as travel time to and from the event location. This charge does not include gratuity for the service staff and is subject to state and local tax laws.

Every Chef’s tasting/family style dinner is served with the appropriate fine china and/or stoneware, silverware and fresh linens. Additional tables, chairs, table runners, risers, and other deco may be requested for additional charges.


Every event is coordinated specifically to cater to the individual client. We tend to set a high standard when it comes to the level of service provided, creating an ambiance in your home or rental that feels like a fine dinning restaurant. Let us be your next Culinary Prospect.


After assessing the details of your event, we will provide a proposal with an estimated total cost. This proposal will include, but is not limited to the following fees…

-Per Person Food Cost
-18% Catering Fee
-Cost of Rentals (If Requested)
-Labor Charge for service staff
-6.8% Phoenix Metropolitan Sales Tax


In order to provide such a high level of service to you and your guests, we have developed a service staff to guest ratio that is based on several variables including…

  • Total Guest Count
  • Style of Service 
  • Menu Selections
  • Event Set Up
  • Event Breakdown


Is not included in the proposal or the final bill presented at the end of the event. Gratuity is left up to the client’s discretion, based on a job well done.


May be requested, but will be subject to a delivery charge on top of the standard 18% catering fee and sales tax. All meals will be delivered in heavy duty aluminum pans and/or covered containers with detailed reheating and serving instructions.

Please allow a minimum of 72 hours notice for all deliveries.